Agralia, tailor made textiles for agriculture and crop protection Agralia, tailor made textiles for agriculture and crop protection
textiles for agriculture and crop protection
Team with more than 35 years of experience developing products of farming protection.

Our agro-technical consultants and dealers have been taking care and offering support to the farmers in terms of technical inputs all along.

Our technical team analyzes the needs of the crops, studies the different solutions and offers the suitable material in terms of economic and technical basis.

AGRALIA® in collaboration with different manufacturers has developed new products and also has improved existing products in the market.

AGRALIA® continues researching and testing new solutions focused on the agro climatic problems that modern farmer has to face.

Our products improve the profitability of the crops, reduce the risks and give more certainty to the farmer.



  • Developing specialized products according to the need of the crops and the region.
  • Providing products that satisfy the needs of the crops and also the farmer.


  • To be a national and international referral of specialized farming protection products.
  • Innovating using new technology and new materials to achieve more profitable outputs.


  • Total commitment of our firm with our clients.
  • Professionalism of our technical and sales team in all stages.
  • Guarantee the quality of our products and services.
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Why should chose us?

Firstly, our philosophy is based on the satisfaction of our clients, the quality of our products and our human capital. We develop products that avoid damages into the crops, as well as, increase farmer profitability.

Agralia® has more than 30 years of experience offering solutions to protected farming around the world, working mainly in Spain, Portugal, Morocco, Argentina, Uruguay, Brazil, Chile, Colombia, Dominican Republic, Ecuador, Mexico, Peru and Tunisia.

Agralia® has nine family products adapted to every type of need, so we have: Agrienergy, Agrisoil, Agrishade, Agrifresh, Agricover, Agristop, Agrisafe, Agricolor, Agrifil and Agriparts. All of these products fulfill with the more high requirements of European and American market.

We collaborate with manufacturers of raw materials to develop components and specific additives to satisfy the constant needs of our clients.

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Contact us: For further information, please contact our technical team.

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